Amateur goalkeeper, who works as an accountant, helped “Chicago” win

Match the NHL regular season between the retired from the fight for the playoffs, “Chicago Blackhawks” and “Winnipeg Jets,” guaranteed ahead of themselves for the Stanley Cup, could go unnoticed for most hockey fans, if not for one circumstance: during the meeting as part of the ” hawks “debuted 36-year-old accountant Scott Foster, who immediately before the game signed with the club amateur trial contract and took the place of the reserve goalkeeper on the bench.

“Chicago” in late December because of the injury lost the main goalkeeper Corey Crawford, and in a match with “Winnipeg” place in the gate was supposed to take Anton Forsberg. However, the 25-year-old Swede suffered damage by playing football with partners during a warm-up. As a result, the coaching staff of Blackhawks had to release debutant Collina Delia, and also to sign a trial contract with Foster, who last played for the University of Western Michigan in the 2005/2006 season.

Delia, who previously played in the lower leagues, coped quite successfully with his work and for two periods reflected 21 shots out of 23, and “Chicago” won with a score of 5: 2. However, 14 minutes before the end of the third period, something happened that hardly anyone expected: the 23-year-old goalkeeper was injured and was forced to go to the locker room. Foster had to go to the ice urgently.

Chicago Blackhawks

“I work as an accountant in the day, that is, a few hours ago I was sitting at my computer, typing numbers on the keyboard, and now I stand in front of you after spending more than 14 minutes in the NHL match,” he added.

According to Sportsnet, the last time Foster took part in the match in October 2005, when he defended the gate of the University of Western Michigan and missed three goals from the team of Robert Morris University in front of 2,520 spectators. On March 29, 2018, the 36-year-old accountant went on the ice in the NHL, and in the presence of almost 22,000 fans chanting his name, reflected seven of seven shots in a meeting with one of the leaders of the regular Winnipeg championship.

Repeat your success Foster is unlikely to succeed. After the match, “Chicago” announced the transfer from the farm club in the main line-up of goalkeeper Jean-Francois Berubi, and Delia should recover from damage to Friday’s away game of the regular season with the Colorado Avalanche.

“Tomorrow morning I’ll be back at my desk,” Foster quotes the NHL official website as saying, “I have two children who are probably already asleep.” My wife is also now at home, and I do not know if she is aware of anything that happened This is something that I will never forget. “

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