12 bright moments that happened with Panarin in “Chicago”

In the summer of 2015, Artemy decided to cross the ocean. By that time he was a freshly-baked Gagarin Cup winner in SKA, as well as the most progressive Russian hockey player. Panarin was 23 years old, he did not fight in the NHL, but these circumstances did not embarrass the Russian talent.

Artemy signed a two-year contract with the newcomer to the “Chicago”, and before the start of the season Panarin decision of the Black Hawks coach Joel Kennewill was identified in the link to Patrick Kane and Artem Anisimov.

12 bright moments that happened with Panarin in Chicago

Goal in the opening game

The first match in the NHL Panarin held on October 7, 2015 and in the same opened the account. In the first period, Panarin and Kane fled to a counterattack, and the American superforward helped to distinguish the Russian newcomer. The first victim of sniper talent Artemy became legendary goalkeeper “Rangers” Henrik Lundqvist.

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Recognition as the first star of the game day

The affairs of the Panarin – Kane – Anisimov troika went brilliantly, Artemiy was perfectly fitting into this combination and did not make any impression of a hockey player who was just beginning to play in North American venues. After the puck in the debut game, Panarin did not slow down and a month later he reached the next peak.

November 9 Russian forward scored 3 (2 + 1) points in a duel with “Edmonton” and received the title of the NHL first game day. Needless to say, both washers were thrown from the transfer of Kane, who became the second star victorious for the “Chicago” day.

A Gift for Kane

The resultant Russian-American bunch continued to “burn” in the open spaces of the NHL, and very soon Patrick Kane was caught up with Bobby Hall on the duration of the productive series in the history of Chicago. To become the record holder for this indicator, Kane needed to spend the 22nd match with the points scored, and in the game against Winnipeg Patrick remained on dry rations almost to the very end of the match.

To help the partner came Panarin, to whom the American at the end of the main time of the meeting made a pass with his hand in his zone, and Artemy did not miss the empty goal of the opponent.

Two takes in two days

The beginning of the calendar year 2016 was for Panarin a productive continuation of the starting season in the NHL. On January 6 and 7, Chicago played paired matches against Pittsburgh – both meetings ended in a Blackhawks victory, and the Russian rookie became the main creator of the double-victorious of his team, each having a double in each game.

Panarin became the second rookie in the history of “Chicago”, who scored more than one goal in two games in a row, after compatriot Pavel Vorobyov in 2005. And two doubles for two days in a row before Artemy managed to make Darryl Sutter back in 1981.

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