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Players and the management headquarters of Blackhawks recently met with US President Barack Obama in the White House. The 44th president, elected president in 2008 from the state of Illinois, said he believes his contribution to the team’s victory is significant enough (naturally for fun).

“This is definitely the best sport trophy. I confess, I was hoping that you would give me one day so that I could spend time with him. Before I became president, the Blackhawks did not see this trophy for almost half a century. Now you have drawn a hat trick. Obviously, I bring good luck to this team. “, – Obama said.

At the meeting were present as team newcomers:

And already completed career Kimmo Timonen, for whom this Stanley Cup was the first in his career:

Obama also singled out Kimmo and Scott Darling in his speech:

I want to draw attention to the two unsung heroes of the team. This is an example of hockey players who do not play the first roles, but which are in each winning team both in sports and outside it.

Kimmo Timonen

Career Kimmo Timonen and until the last season was wonderful. He played in the Stanley Cup final, the Olympic Games, the World Cup. He lost them all … In the middle of last season, he was traded to Chicago, was able to return to the ice, and in his last game at the age of 40, Kimmo finally won the Cup. As an old man it is pleasant to me. And it speaks of a great career, which he was able to resume and continue to play at a high level.

I can not express all the respect for the modesty of Scott Darling. But this case was learned and this is a good deed, which should be more. The champion extended a helping hand to the person in need. Despite the fact that he should not have done this, no one looked at him, and he himself did not ask anyone for approval. I want to think that this is a reflection of our city of Chicago. This is a very American act, “Obama said.

How Scott Darling helped the homeless

Scott himself was impatiently waiting for a meeting with the President:

“I’m really looking forward to it, I’m from Illinois … I’ll meet with Barack Obama, meet with the President, I’m proud to be an American,” Darling said.

The Maple Leafs vs Chicago Blackhawks

As part of the regular NHL regular day game on January 25, the Chicago Blackhawks will host the Toronto Maple Leafs. The beginning of the match – 04:00 Moscow time. Forecast for “Chicago” – “Toronto”.


In the last fight, “Chicago” lost to “Tampa Bay” (0: 2), having suffered his third defeat in a row. And all three – in their native walls. In total in the last five games, “Blackhawks” lost four times.

All forecasts for hockey

At the moment, “Chicago” sank to the very bottom of the Central Division. From the penultimate place the team separates seven points. The same number of points behind the play-off zone of the Western Conference. Team due to injury still can not help the main goalkeeper Corey Crawford, but in the game with “Tampa” after almost a month break on the ice, the Russian striker Artem Anisimov returned.

The Maple Leafs vs Chicago Blackhawks

Perhaps Anisimov will help at least somehow correct the catastrophic situation in the Blackhawks with an attack. In the last three matches the team scored only three goals and twice lost in a dry, and in the last five scored only six times. In this case, “Chicago” misses not so much. Except for one defeat from the Islanders (3: 7), the Hawks lost 11 goals in five games.

See tickets for the game:


“Toronto” in the last match also lost at home “Colorado” (2: 4). Although “Avalanche” go on a series of 10 wins in a row, this does not justify Maple Leafs, who lost five of the last six matches.

On the other hand, Toronto still scored points in three of these games for draws in regular time and in general can feel quite comfortable in third place in the Atlantic division, giving the right to go directly to the playoffs without a fight in the area of ​​the wild- card. “Leafs” ahead of the pursuing them “Detroit” by 12 points – more than a weighty reserve.

In the infirmary of the team are still defenders of Morgan Reilly and Nikita Zaitsev, but the other day Toronto called in the main team of another Russian defender – Rinat Valiev. It is quite possible to expect his debut in one of the nearest matches. In terms of statistics, “Toronto” is in the top 10 teams of the NHL on almost all indicators except the game in defense, skipping an average of 2.90 washers per match – this is the 19th result.